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Types of Corgi

There are two types of Corgi, which although look and act alike, are actually two separate canine breeds. The two were interbred without discrimination until the 1930s, when the American Kennel Club recognised the two distinct strains of Corgi. Because of their shared traits and heritage, they are both often referred to as the Welsh Corgi.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan is the older of the two breeds – it is thought that the Celts brought them to Britain around 1200 BC. They have a long, fox-like tail and rounded ears. Its short legs are somewhat bow-legged. A level-headed dog, it has retained the dependability of its working ancestors and will act as a wonderful watchdog and loyal companion. Their coat can be combination of almost any colour.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pemrokes are the more common Corgi and are famously adored by Queen Elizabeth. They arrived in Wales much later than the Cardigans and were purportedly brought by Flemish weavers. They tend to be slightly smaller and lighter than their cousins and are most distinctive by their lack of a tail. Pointed ears and a limited array of coat colours further distinguish the type. Pembrokes are exceptionally loving and helpful towards their masters.